Stuff about Dev

Made by Dev herself

Hiya! I'm Dev!! Although that's not really my name hehe. This is the stuff you need to know about me:

I'm a Christian, I like to code, I play video games a lot, and I like Harry Potter and Percy Jackson.

I like Friday Night Funkin', Minecraft, and Pokemon the most. I also like Lost Silver, Snow on Mt. Silver and Wii Deleted You.

Comment on this project here if you'd like me to make a SunnySky Village website.

Basically, Sunnysky Village is a town full of video game characters. Guns are very common, but if you die, whatever. You respawn Minecraft style. CAUTION - CREEPYPASTAS LIVE HERE AS WELL!!

Oh uhhhh anyways, that's pretty much it heheh.. see y'all later eh